Super Bowl LV Host Committee’s Claire Lessinger talks about Forever 55 with Tom duPont

Just before New Year’s, Claire Lessinger stopped by our offices to talk with Publisher Tom duPont about her work as COO of the Super Bowl LV Host Committee and its signature initiative, Forever 55 — a massive effort reflecting the NFL’s desire to make a positive impact on communities where the Super Bowl is held. […]

Mike Alstott talks Bucs with Tom duPont

Shortly before the Tampa Bay Buccaneers triumphed over the Packers at Lambeau Field, duPont REGISTRY Tampa Bay Publisher Tom duPont got the chance to chat with Bucs legend Mike Alstott, a key member of the team that won the Super Bowl in 2003. In this interview for Tampa Bay Talks, Alstott reminisces about The Big […]

Gracie Pasta & Provisions: A great place to graze! (Video)

Who’s Gracie? (Hint: She’s not a person.) What’s Gracie? A trove of delicacies worth talking about (and noshing on).

Tampa Bay Talks: Tom duPont & David Warner talk up The Holiday Issue

It’s always fun to chat with Tom duPont about our latest issue of duPont Registry Tampa Bay. Listen in as we discuss holiday decor, poop tanks, the correct pronunciation of Van Gogh and many other topics relevant to the 2020 Holiday Issue.

Star turn: A chat with American Stage CEO Stephanie Gularte As I expected, it was a total pleasure to talk with the unfailingly articulate arts leader Stephanie Gularte of American Stage today on dRTB Live. Among the many highlights: • Her excellent answer to a question that’s been bugging me of late: Why do so many professional theater companies hereabouts feel it necessary to […]

Ian Lieberman and Molly duPont.

LoveIVLawrence: Changing the conversation around mental health and suicide When someone dies by suicide, survivors struggle with multiple questions. What could we have done to help? Were there warning signs that we missed? And perhaps the most unanswerable: Why? LoveIVLawrence evolved two years ago out of just such questions, when the death by suicide of auto dealer and philanthropist Lawrence Dimmitt IV, 32, shocked […]

Melissa Mihok of Heels to Heal talks about helping survivors of domestic abuse

I had the great pleasure this week of talking with Melissa Mihok, founder and executive director of Heels to Heal, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping survivors of sexual assault and domestic abuse receive free counseling services. She founded the organization in 2009 when she saw a need for added resources to help survivors like […]

WEDU's Paul Grove on dRTB Live: "Programs that are good for your mind"

Lots for Tampa Bay to be proud of in this interview. First, there’s WEDU. One of the leading PBS outlets in the U.S., with the largest reach in Florida of any PBS station in the state, it now has six channels, all free, from The Florida Channel to WEDQ to WEDU World, and a great […]

freeFall Theatre's Matthew McGee talks dream roles and drag

It’s the bald interviewing the bald! Proving once and for all that Matthew McGee and I are not the same person, I had the great, great pleasure of chatting with Matthew about his stellar performance(s) in freeFall’s smash hit production of Pippin, plus his favorite roles over the last 20 years in local theater and […]

See Europe by Porsche? Find out how from Peter Sontag of Fast Lane Travel

If you have ever dreamt of zipping around Europe in a sports car à la Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney in Two for the Road (with all the romance but none of the marital strife), Fast Lane Travel has your back. And your Porsche. Listen to Tom duPont’s dRTB Live interview with the founder of Fast […]