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People Helping People: Saint Paul’s School in Clearwater rallies to collect thousands of pounds of food

St. Paul's faculty and staff collected items from the trunks of donors’ cars.
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On April 24, the community at Saint Paul’s School, the Clearwater-based independent school, rallied to support Canning the Cornavirus, a campaign organized by  RCS Pinellas (Religious Community Services, Inc.) to meet the increased demands being placed on the RCS Food Bank. The school collected 2,052 pounds of non-perishable food in three hours, and received a substantial dollar donation that will feed 40 people in Pinellas County.

Head of School Samantha Campbell wasn’t surprised by the community’s response: “Benevolence runs deep here.”

The Anderson Family and Homey dropping off canned goods.

Head of School Samantha Campbell greeted school families from a distance.

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