The Great Outdoors

Pitzer soars above the Gulf.

Flying High: Kiteboarding tips from Clearwater Beach’s Pitzer Gills

When I tell Pitzer how difficult the sport looks, he laughs. “There is definitely a learning curve,” he says, but “a little goes a long way once you get out on the water.”

Earl "Buck" Lynge takes a break from his daily bike ride near St. Pete's Vinoy Park Beach. Photos by Eric Snider.

The Bicycling Boom: The wheels just keep on turning

The bike shortage is easing somewhat, but experts say that if you see a bike you like right now you should buy it.

Making a putt with the Aviar Putt & Approach disc. Photo: Innova.

Disc Golf: A uniquely accessible sport that’s soaring in popularity

“People wanted to do anything outdoors and keep social distancing, and discovered disc golf as one of the options,” says Trevor Toenjes of Local Route Disc Golf Pro Shop in Clearwater.

Pickleball: It’s not just for seniors anymore (but they still play, too)

Made up on the spot in 1965 by two friends on Bainbridge Island near Seattle — and named after one of their dogs — pickleball is among the fastest-growing sports in America.

Maggie Caruso in her quintessentially Florida golf cart. Photo: Howard Walker.

Not Just For Golf Anymore: A roundup of the latest in deluxe electric golf carts

Cart owners are spending big bucks on customized color schemes, jacked-up suspension and fancy upholstery.

Perfect combinations: Wine and food pairing events at Sea Salt

The restaurant is finding success with food and wine pairing events geared toward a limited number of guests.

Our Morning Routine in the RV

She’s a morning person. He is most definitely not. The latest from our Airstream twosome shows us how they start the day.

Tampa Bay Talks: Welcome to “The Great Outdoors”

Tom duPont and David Warner talk about what’s in “The Great Outdoors,” dRTB’s Spring 2021 issue.

Dressing alfresco: Casual, stylish clothes for outdoor dining

Spring ’21 fashion is trending stylish and comfortable, perfect for that outdoor restaurant you’ve been meaning to try.