What Makes You Laugh?

Photo by Steven Le, Thee Photo Ninja.

What Makes You Laugh, Hal Freedman?

Puns, pollitics, surprises…

What Makes You Laugh, Matthew McGee?

Julian Cookies, Trixie Mattel, Baby Yoda…

Natalie and a funny friend.

What Makes You Laugh, Natalie Symons?

“Schitt’s Creek,” Matthew McGee, that “I’m not a cat” fiasco on Zoom…

Jim Sorensen

What Makes You Laugh, Jim Sorensen?

Emo Phillips, Tracy Morgan, Chloe the Rescue Lab…

Photo by Tanner Mansell/Florida Shark Diving

Bucket List: Swimming with Sharks

Craving a face-to-fin encounter with a fierce-looking predator? Here’s how.

All photos by Howard Walker.

Lamborghini’s Huracán EVO RWD Spyder supercar will stir your soul

If you’ve ever wanted to feel truly alive, feel as if every synapse in your body is dialed up to an 11, then this is your car.

Photo: Tampa Bay Times.

What Makes You Laugh, Stephanie Hayes?

Scream Queens, Rocky Raccoon, Nate Bargatze…

Tampa Bay Aviation's Cirrus SR22 plane.

Bucket List: Learn how to fly a copter or plane with Tampa Bay Aviation

Introductory training flights teach first-timers the joys of soaring into the air via plane or copter.

What Makes You Laugh, Margaret Murray?

Vaccine math, cocktails, Henri de Mondeville…