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New Year, New You: A personal trainer who makes house calls

Trainer Tom Bauer shows how it's done at a downtown St. Pete gym.
Luxury Living Tampa Bay

Always finding excuses not to go to the gym? Here’s a solution: Find a trainer who comes to you. Tom Bauer is a licensed personal trainer and massage therapist who’s excellent at judging where your limitations are, particularly if you’re someone for whom injury, weight or age has affected balance and function. He’s fun, relaxed, upbeat — and if you’ve got a mat and a ball, maybe some weights or an exercise bike in your home — or better yet, at that gym you never go to — he will set up a routine that’s right for you. He can schedule at-home massages, too, for the same price as a training session. (He’s also a certified welder, though there’s probably less call for welding house calls.) 

Tom Bauer personal training sessions, $65 an hour, 727-215-6043.

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