Living Colours: A sampling of the best in Black design

In this showcase of Black-owned brands and designers from around the world, two of the brightest lights are locally based.

The tailored yet feminine ensemble in white is by Audrey Pat McGhee (click here to visit her website) and the alluring earth-toned dress is by Elizabeth Carson Racker (click here to visit her website), both incredibly talented and located right here in Tampa Bay.

To shop for these altogether gorgeous looks and more — clothing, handbags, shoes, makeup, and jewelry, too, like the “love” earrings by Serena Williams Jewelry — visit @michellecappelligordon. 

Here’s a key to the fashions pictured above:

1. Outfit by local designer Audrey Pat McGhee

2. Necklace by Mateo

3. Earrings by Serena Williams Jewelry 

4. Dress by Victor Glemaud

5. Lipstick by Pat McGrath 

6.  Dress by local designer Elizabeth Carson Racker

7. Shoes by Brother Vellies

8. Dress by Cushnie

9. Lip Gloss by Fenty Beauty

10. Two handbags by Brother Vellies