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Deck the Halls and Undeck Them, Too: The folks at Andrea Lauren Exceptional Interiors do it all

The team at Andrea Lauren Elegant Interiors will not only purchase, curate and install your holiday decor, they’ll also take it down. 

Healthier at Home: The newest ideas for making your safe haven safer

Quasimodo probably said it best — “Sanctuary!” That’s how we like to think of home – as an escape to safety and comfort. But these days, we find ourselves spending uncomfortably prolonged periods of time there, with no clear idea of how long it will go on or what uninvited microscopic guests might be lurking.  […]

Home Design 2020: Custom furnishings bring beauty to the everyday

We’ve stared at our homes’ walls long enough. It’s time to take action and own something worth sheltering with.  What about a new coffee table made out of a free-spinning titanium jet engine turbine fan? Or an expertly detailed shuffleboard table handcrafted for your game room? Or a vanity for your half-bath that is as […]

Home Design 2020: Meet Mark Zdrojewski, a leader in the practice of Universal Design

 It’s almost as difficult to sum up Mark Zdrojewski as it is to pronounce his last name.  (His father tells people the first syllable’s pronounced “Stroh,” like the beer, “with a jet ski behind it.”)  Mark (he also goes by Mark Z) is a carpenter with a neuroscience degree.  He’s been an Alzeheimer’s researcher and […]

Home Design 2020: Steve Rogai wants to build your dream

When Steve Rogai builds a home, he pays attention to every detail. Even the view from the toilet. “I will try to explain this one to you without being crude,” he says as he shows me the underside of a windowsill that’s only visible from where he’s sitting — on the toilet in a luxury home he built in South […]

Home Design 2020: Reinventing the wine cellar

According to a recent article in Forbes, wine cellars are becoming more and more integrated into the home —often as showpiece rooms that can double as living and entertaining spaces. Is this trend taking hold in Tampa Bay? According to Paul Wiezorek, co-owner of Cave a’ Vin, the answer is yes. A licensed contractor and custom home builder, Wiezorek says that […]

Home Design 2020: The spectacular penthouse at Bliss

Smith & Associates Realtor Christopher Pitre is known for spicing up his video home tours with a touch of salsa (the dance, not the condiment). It’s close to irresistible as a sales gimmick. As he sidesteps and swivels through his properties to a salsa soundtrack, smiling all the while, he looks like a fun guy to hang out with. More importantly, […]

Home Design 2020: The bold interiors of Rob Bowen

The client’s request was a bit startling, even to an interior designer known for making bold choices. “I want a tartan game room,” she said. “And I’m like, ‘A tartan what?’” remembers Rob Bowen. “She was like, ‘Tartan plaid. Like Ralph Lauren. I also want them to be all historic registered tartans.’” He was reluctant at first. “I love that you love […]

Editor's Letter: Welcome to The Home Design Issue Fall 2020

The Fall 2020 issue of duPont Registry Tampa Bay is here! Hard copies are due to be showing up in fine mailboxes near you any day now, but meanwhile, enjoy the digital edition — and my intro to the issue, below. The little house pictured above doubles as a box. It’s one of two I […]

K is for Kitchens: Home cooking never looked so good

This year’s A to Z Issue celebrates people and businesses who have been successfully riding the turbulent waves of change and offering service and hope to the community at large. The print edition will be out later this month, but we’re teasing the content online, one letter at a time.  Cooking at home a lot more? […]