To Infinity and Beyond: What's new in swimming pools

The backyard pool, that emblem of the Florida good life, has undergone a transformation of late. Whether you’re building a brand new pool or renovating an existing one, there are myriad ways to inject this essential amenity with new vigor. Get Chill We’ve all thought, or heard, this during the summer months: “I’d love to go for a […]

Backyard Brilliance: New Ideas in Outdoor Design

Innovation abounds in the latest designs for outdoor living. Small backyard patios are so old school. Luxury living in Tampa Bay calls for amazing outdoor living spaces that are an extension of the home, with all of the amenities you would expect to enjoy inside: comfortable, stylish furniture to lounge on, drinks and snacks on […]

Beauty preserved: Historic homes and gardens in Davis Islands

For these homeowners in Tampa’s Davis Islands neighborhood, historic properties offer both challenges and joys.  If you’ve ever owned an old home, you know the drill: termite damage, root rot, metal fatigue, water intrusion and the thousands of other natural shocks that decades-old buildings can be heir to. Tampa’s Davis Islands However, walls can be […]

Sustainable Landscaping: The new way to keep up with the Joneses

Kaitlin Hammersley and Peter Fritsche’s St. Petersburg yard is not pristine. It’s not manicured, symmetrical or particularly lush. In the front yard, there’s a dense vine of Key West Morning Glory spilling over the gate to the backyard, a thatch of wild coffee, firebush, sprawling Porterweed — a monarch magnet — and a crop of […]

Outdoor I Do’s: The top 10 outdoor wedding venues in Tampa Bay

From serene garden spots to splashy waterfront venues, from rooftops to treetops, these Tampa Bay sites (listed in alphabetical order) are perfect for open-air nuptials. FLORIDA BOTANICAL GARDENS Within the walls of this well-designed wedding garden, couples enjoy privacy as they express their mutual love beneath a rotunda gazebo bordered by the apropos quote, “Love […]