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dR Daily 3/18: George Stovall at The Studio@620

George Stovall shows off his moves and his jacket at the MUSE Awards in February. Photo: Scuderi Studios, courtesy St. Petersburg Arts Alliance.
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George Stovall is known as a chiropractor and a canoer, but he’s also a master of wearable art — the gloriously colorful jacket he wore to the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance’s recent MUSE Awards (pictured above) being a case in point. Get to know the artistic side of Stovall at the dicussion and slideshow Eggs + Skulls: ’60s Wearable Art Onwards: Showcasing the Art of George Stovall.  7 p.m., Studio@620, thestudioat620.org. Photo by Scuderi Studios, courtesy of the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance.

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