Saint Paul’s teachers (l to r) Merritt Maguire, Kerry Ann Masoner and Danielle Felten at F45 Clearwater.

Ready for School: I’m in awe of these teachers’ early-morning F45 workouts

Teacher friends from Saint Paul’s, the independent K-8 school in Clearwater, meet up at F45 several mornings a week to get their sweat session in before school.

Pitzer soars above the Gulf.

Flying High: Kiteboarding tips from Clearwater Beach’s Pitzer Gills

When I tell Pitzer how difficult the sport looks, he laughs. “There is definitely a learning curve,” he says, but “a little goes a long way once you get out on the water.”

Touchdown for Health: Inside Tom Brady’s TB12 Center in Tampa

TB12 centers offer one-on-one sessions with body coaches for athletes and non-athletes alike.

SweatNET Tampa Bay owner Taylor Smith.

SweatNET's Taylor Smith is connecting people with gyms — even in the midst of a pandemic

Taylor Smith had a dream.  Growing up in Florida, she had a love of fun, fitness and being outside. She studied exercise science in college, got certified in exercise physiology by the American College of Sports Medicine, took a job as a personal trainer in a gym — and, after a detour to a desk […]

Photo courtesy Urban Kai.

Stand & Deliver: A newbie's first stand-up paddleboard experience

Editor’s Note: Resie Waechter wrote this story about her first experience with SUP for our Spring 2020 “Great Outdoors” issue, which went to press before the COVID-19 shutdowns. While Urban Kai is not offering group paddles at the moment, you can still rent a board and take it out onto the river — a very pleasant […]

CrossFit workouts are grueling but rewarding. AMR Photography St. Pete

You Can Work It Out: Three ways to get fit and feel better

It’s no secret that for most of us, health and happiness are intrinsically connected. It is difficult to be truly happy when you’re unhealthy, and vice versa.  My own training log is a case in point. Am I pushing myself to go to the gym or go out and pound the pavement several times a […]