A home for poetry: How Peter & Jeanne Meinke helped transform St. Pete

 Time becomes elastic at the home of poet Peter Meinke and his artist wife Jeanne. Moments pass differently, stretched in the soft light under oaks and azaleas in St. Pete’s Driftwood neighborhood.  Cozy nooks within their bungalow invite lingering with the written word. Peter has his “good reading-the-paper spot,” and a tall shelf dedicated completely […]

Thank You, Ms. P! Suzanne Pomerantzeff, dance teacher extraordinare

Fifty years is a long time to keep dancing.  As this milestone anniversary nears at her Academy of Ballet Arts, Artistic Director Suzanne Pomerantzeff remains undimmed. Affectionately known to her students as Ms. P., the 71-year-old arts leader keeps her feet moving forward, and speaks passionately about the lives that dancing has transformed.  “Part of […]

Planting Seeds: An interview with museum curator Lynn Whitelaw

He helped museums and galleries grow on both sides of the Bay. And he believes the best is yet to come.  In the late 1970s, Lynn Whitelaw wandered into a small exhibition on the USF campus and was blown away by what he found on the walls.  “This was everything I knew about contemporary art […]

Salt Creek Stories: An interview with Herb Snitzer & Carol Dameron

Photographer Herb Snitzer and painter Carol Dameron recall the scrappy beginnings of St. Pete’s visual art scene. The story of art in St. Petersburg often carries a thread of displacement. It’s a familiar narrative in many cities: Creative people rehab low-rent spaces, and then get edged out if the buildings sell or property values increase. […]

The truck art of Haider Ali

There’s close to a century of tradition behind Pakistan’s colorful “jingle trucks.” For three days, I happily sat and watched paint dry. Artist Haider Ali wielded the brush. Posted beside the Museum of Fine Arts on St. Petersburg’s Beach Drive, he spent a long weekend transforming my humble Toyota Prius into a mobile masterpiece as […]

Setting The Stage: Theater veterans Mimi & Rich Rice

How Did We Get Here? Photographer Tom Kramer and writer Mitzi Gordon want to know. In a new series for duPont REGISTRY Tampa Bay, they are charting the Bay area’s creative renaissance by meeting with transformative and inspiring arts leaders whose perspectives shed light on how the region shifted from sleepy suburbs to thriving cultural […]