Meeting Fiona at the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio

Fun fact: The Cincinnati Zoo has been around since 1875. Since we’ve made it our mission to discover the wonders in our own backyard, we had to take a trip to Ohio to check it out. And we were so excited, because we would get to do a behind-the-scenes tour of the facilities. So, we […]

Hiking with Giants in Kentucky

Since y’all know that we like to walk and run like our lives depend on it, for this adventure, we decided to embark on our longest hike yet, listed at 13 miles, at a local park while we were in Kentucky. But first — as usual — there’s coffee. Since Daniel is addicted to the stuff, […]

Daniels First Time Emptying the Poop Tank

Our Airstream Adventure: Daniel’s First Time Emptying the Poop Tank

Yes, you read that correctly. While we always make sure to look for the silver lining in everything, sometimes even the loveliest of experiences can have a not-so-pleasant side. And when the only bathroom that’s available to you is on wheels, you know you gotta empty that tank at some point. Obviously, I let Daniel […]

The couple’s outdoor “office.” All photos courtesy Lauren Davenport.

Our Crazy Airstream Adventure

What if we tried to shop 100% American-made and as locally sourced as possible for a full year? Was it possible?