Jane Bunker and Mason Morfit.

Tampa Bay Talks: They’re raising thousands in scholarships for African American students via the Woodson Warriors art auction

Jane Bunker and Mason Morfit talk about the latest chapter in their crusade to raise scholarship funds for African-American students in Pinellas.

Weekend Top Ten 3/5-7: Strawberries & Beer, Livestreams & Lights on Tampa

Jump on a ferris wheel in Plant City, sample cuisines at a theme park, shop top artists virtually or enjoy chamber music in your living room. You can do it all! Florida Strawberry Festival. In keeping with the times, Plant City’s celebration of its favorite berry morphs from big-name-concert-series-and-oh-by-the-way-there-are-strawberries mode back to its country-fair roots, […]

Meet a “Sur-Thriver”: Hands Across the Bay’s Melissa Dohme Hill talks to Tom duPont

A survivor of domestic violence herself, Melissa Dohme-Hill talks about the important work being done by Hands Across the Bay to help survivors rebuild their lives.

Kara Sotakoun, Nick Hoop and friends in "Hand to God" at Jobsite.

Weekend Top Ten 2/25-27: Deranged puppet, high-wire acts, cute pets & Dwight Schrute!

It’s a wacky weekend. A puppet wreaks havoc at Jobsite, the Wallendas defy death in Sarasota, a parody of The Office walks the streets of Clearwater… plus hot-air balloons and Globes of Gold. “The Office” Murder Mystery Tour Even if you’re not up on your Office trivia, you’ll still have a great time at this […]

Mrbubblez: The award-winning mobile shower service for the homeless needs your help

Mrbubblez Inc. provides a service at once simple and profound: a hot shower for anyone who doesn’t have the opportunity to take care of their hygiene needs from day to day. It’s something most of us take for granted. But for the homeless community, it can be well nigh impossible. That’s where Mrbubblez comes in. […]

Weekend Top Ten 2/19-21: Satchmo, Minari, Localtopia & more (plus pizza!)

A one-man show, a Sundance hit, Tampa Bay Pizza Week and lots more reasons to get out and about (or stay in and get entertained).

Scott Hartley's interlocking glass hearts at Syd Entel Galleries.

Valentine’s Weekend Top Ten 2/11-14: Horseback rides, movie nights and more great V-dates

What? No plans yet for Hallmark’s most lucrative weekend? Here are 10 (OK, actually 11) suggestions that can be enjoyed à deux, solo or with your favorite podmates. See a scary movie. Get a grip on your partner’s arm during Fear of Rain, which looks like a very scary movie and stars St. Pete’s very […]

Tampa Bay Talks: Michael Lundy shares legal wisdom, divorce advice and one very hot anecdote

Here’s a conversation you shouldn’t miss: duPont Registry Tampa Bay publisher Tom duPont chats with Michael Lundy, co-founder of the full-service law firm Older Lundy Alvarez & Koch. An expert in collaborative divorce, Lundy is a model of sanity (who also gets the award for Best Lawyer Hair). Consider his wise counsel on divorce: “The […]

Champa Bay? Title Town? Tompa Bay?

Following the amazing stomp-down that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers delivered to Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs — which followed in the wake of the Lightning’s Stanley Cup victory, the Rays’ World Series stand and the Rowdies’ USL Eastern Conference win — pundits everywhere were offering up new nicknames for the winningest region around. […]

Super Bowl LV: A big win for Brady and the unbelievable Bucs

It’s pinch-yourself time, Tampa — aka Title Town, a nickname the city can now officially adopt. Yes, it was distressing to see what happened after the game — like the unmasked masses gathering in close proximity to each other on South Howard (above, from a live WFLA-8 feed). But the fact that the Bucs, widely […]