Just My Stylist

Just My Stylist: How dRTB's fashion editor perked up my wardrobe

Clothes have long been a challenge for me. When I lived up north, I couldn’t find styles that I liked or sizes that fit me correctly. My favorite boutique in South Tampa was Apropos; I could find everything I wanted there. But after they closed last year I was heartbroken, and haven’t shopped for clothes […]

All photos by Howard Walker.

Weekend Wheels: Kia's new gold-standard Seltos sport-ute

Unless you’ve been living in a yurt in the Gobi Desert for the past two years, you’ll know that when it comes to mid-size SUVs, the Kia Telluride rocks.  This thing has scooped more gongs than Garth Brooks at the CMAs, more MVP awards than Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the NBA.  The tally includes Motor Trend […]

An award-winning lighting design on Snell Isle by Decorating Elves. Photo courtesy Nick Schriver.

Let There Be (Holiday) Lights! And let these people put them up for you

“My clients will lose a lot of money if they try putting their own lights up,” declares Nick Schriver, owner of Decorating Elves, which festoons local homes and businesses with holiday sparkle. Let’s take a few seconds to unpack that statement. Decorating Elves generally charges from $3,000 to $10,000 to design and install a lighting […]

Ron Zawistowski in the parking garage behind Cigar Paradise Royal Lounge, with the 150-foot smoke duct above. Photo: Eric Snider

Designing Downtown: Ron Z is making his mark on St. Pete's small-business sphere

Over a couple of decades, Ron Zawistowski has quietly put his imprint on downtown St. Petersburg. His boutique architecture firm, Innovative Design Studios, has no major high-rises or large buildings to its credit, but Zawistowski’s work can be seen up, down and around Central Avenue in restaurants, bars, stores and barbershops. Most of the projects have been renovations, additions and build-outs […]

Co-working at Hyde House. Photo: Tracey Serebin.

Bay House: How to co-work on both sides of the bay

Over the last six months, our work and school environments have been changing dramatically. Many parents are currently working from home, and half of the school population is now learning online at home as well. This new dynamic can cause chaos, limiting focus and stifling creativity as parents struggle to oversee their kids’ studies while juggling […]

Jaguar's new-look F-Type sharpens its claws

OK, so let’s get the kitty-cat puns out of the way before we drive.  Yes, Jaguar’s newest-generation F-Type Convertible could well be the purr-fect sports car with its fur-midable performance and paws-itively awesome handling. Certainly a drop-top two-seater that’s up to scratch. Just how fast is it? Let’s say it can claw its way to […]

Peggy Cordle of Urgent Care Housecalls visits a client at home.

Healthier at Home: The newest ideas for making your safe haven safer

Quasimodo probably said it best — “Sanctuary!” That’s how we like to think of home – as an escape to safety and comfort. But these days, we find ourselves spending uncomfortably prolonged periods of time there, with no clear idea of how long it will go on or what uninvited microscopic guests might be lurking.  […]

Home Design 2020: Custom furnishings bring beauty to the everyday

We’ve stared at our homes’ walls long enough. It’s time to take action and own something worth sheltering with.  What about a new coffee table made out of a free-spinning titanium jet engine turbine fan? Or an expertly detailed shuffleboard table handcrafted for your game room? Or a vanity for your half-bath that is as […]

Strobel Design Build’s Mark Zdrojewski at the Morgan cottage in St. Petersburg. All photos courtesy Strobel Design Build.

Home Design 2020: Meet Mark Zdrojewski, a leader in the practice of Universal Design

 It’s almost as difficult to sum up Mark Zdrojewski as it is to pronounce his last name.  (His father tells people the first syllable’s pronounced “Stroh,” like the beer, “with a jet ski behind it.”)  Mark (he also goes by Mark Z) is a carpenter with a neuroscience degree.  He’s been an Alzeheimer’s researcher and […]

Steve Rogai and girlfriend Astrid Chas at last year’s virtual reality “block party” for a spec home in Sunset Park. All photos courtesy Modern Capital Group.

Home Design 2020: Steve Rogai wants to build your dream

When Steve Rogai builds a home, he pays attention to every detail. Even the view from the toilet. “I will try to explain this one to you without being crude,” he says as he shows me the underside of a windowsill that’s only visible from where he’s sitting — on the toilet in a luxury home he built in South […]