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Happy Holidays

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The Holidays
I’m sure you would agree that the holidays can’t come soon enough this year. The world has been faced with enormous challenges and it’s time for all of us to have some
lighthearted cheer jump off these pages. While breaking down the word HOLIDAYS, I wrote down the first words that came to my mind. I thought I could sprinkle in some health and wellness tips along the way for all of us to consider through the season! I hope you enjoy and consider while fa la la la laING through the holidays!

Being happy comes to mind when I think of the holiday season. It’s a time to share our joy and good-natured spirit with friends, family and sometimes even complete
strangers. It is not uncommon to walk by someone you don’t know during the season and wish him or her “HAPPY HOLIDAYS!” Smiling while opening all of your gifts, seeing relatives and friends from distant places and relishing in the joy in the eyes and smiles of children makes us happy. In the health and wellness industry we put a
lot of focus on avenues to get happy! If we take care of our insides first, our outside will certainly follow the map leading to the road of happiness. TIP TO CONSIDER: do
something kind for someone else. It’s the most inexpensive way to get happy!

Being optimistic through the holidays isn’t always easy! Sometimes, it’s a sad reminder of loved ones who have passed, romantic breakups or memories of a difficult year.
On the other hand, we are approaching a New Year that can offer us a whole new lease on life. We have to work out our MINDS as much as we work out our BODIES! TIP
TO CONSIDER: Spread positivity when you hear negativity! If you continue to practice improving your mindset and drown out negative thoughts with uplifting ones,
optimism will win! Like everything else that is difficult to achieve, this takes practice.

They say laughter is the best medicine and I believe it! The holidays give us a great opportunity to be happy, joyous and free. Since we are only given ONE life to live,
choose laughter and love!! We all have choices today and since time is such a hot commodity, spend it with funny, loving humans!! TIP TO CONSIDER: Surround
yourself with funny people throughout the season, people who will build you up. Do yourself a favor and take the opportunity to spread some love around, it’s free.

Do you believe in the power of intention? If you choose to enjoy this holiday season, more than likely…you will! The words that you select to come out of your mouth are
forces that can dictate outcomes. Say what you desire in life and create your own destiny. TIP TO CONSIDER: Choose your words wisely; they have a lot of power behind

One of my favorite things about living here in Tampa Bay is the amazing festive decor through the holidays. I drive by Largo Central Park in awe each night of the
meticulous design and inspired creativity. The holiday lights that make our homes sparkle bring joy to all of us. TIP TO CONSIDER: Decorate and design your life
the way you want it for the upcoming year!

Encourage your friends and family, offering praise and applause for accomplishments through the year. Nothing is better than the support of your family and friends. Sometimes an encouraging card with some thoughtful words goes a longer way than a gift. TIP TO CONSIDER: Tell someone you’re proud of them versus texting it or writing it in a card. Giving someone recognition is a straight pathway to his or her heart.

I come from a place of yes! This word has so much power behind it and could be a word you practice during the holidays. TIP TO CONSIDER: If you come from a
place of NO, try YES!

The best word of all is the last I will share with you, SERVE! There is no greater feeling in the world than to serve others. If there is ever a verb that creates more harmony in the world, it is this one. We certainly have enough excuses after this roller coaster of a year to put this word to use. TIP TO CONSIDER: Serve others; it’s the quickest way out of any pity party. 

By: Sharon Fekete, Health and Wellness Editor

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