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So far, our tradition of the dR BACK PAGE has struck a positive nerve with the Tampa Bay Community. When we started the “feature on philanthropy” we thought it appropriate to honor those whose philanthropic leadership has been a shining light in our community and provided inspiration to our community in hopes that others would reach out and help those in need. We have reached our goal for this year! Starting with Tami and Ron Broadrick and their Broadrick

Family Foundation, we focused on how a charming couple could involve their friends in an effort to help many different organizations. The Broadrick’s started our year off just right with a fabulous “Cheers for Charity” event at their beautiful

In our March/April issue, we did our best to focus on the efforts of several philanthropic leaders who support the “heart” of Tampa Bay by leading separate hospitals in their goal of increasing their already strong cardiovascular care sectors. The
Weisser Family Foundation at Tampa General Hospital, The Pepin Family Foundation at Florida Hospital and The Morgan Heart Hospital at Morton Plant Hospital. Charity begins at home and home is where the heart is. And, all of us can rest comfortably knowing that heart healthcare is in good hands, thanks to these three leaders.

Not everyone in the Bay area can connect all the dots when it comes to higher education and how having many options to learn is not only important for our citizens but for our community as well. This past May/June issue, we featured the leadership of Kate Tiedemann and Ellen Cotton. The Kate Tiedemann College of Business at USF/St. Petersburg was the result of Kate’s and Ellen’s vision that established the second of two business schools in the country honoring the success and
ingenuity of an accomplished female entrepreneur. Kate’s advice: “figure out what you want to do, learn about it and go for it.” This goes for her and Ellen’s generosity as well.

Frank Morsani often refers to himself as just a plain old auto mechanic. Well, thank goodness he was a good one, because his successes have led to his and his wife Carole’s generosity that has reached many beneficiaries. Along sharing their support of Oklahoma State University (Frank’s alma mater), this couple has touched the David A. Straz Jr. Center for the Performing Arts, the Tampa Museum of Art, the Moffitt Cancer Center, the USF Health Center for the Advanced Healthcare, and of course the USF athletics program. Be sure to read Frank’s memoir; “To Be Frank; Building the American Dream in Business and Life.” You will learn about success and generosity.

Several years ago, Jo Brower started, “REMEMBER – HONOR – SUPPORT” as a non-profit dedicated to helping military, first responders and their families. She chose September 11th every year as the day to join together at the Patriot Day Memorial Event, a breakfast held early in the morning in downtown St. Petersburg. This year, Hurricane Irma picked that day, too, and Jo had to cancel. Not to be deterred, Jo rescheduled the breakfast for October 20th to remember 9/11 and its impact on our nation, and use that life-altering event to incentivize all of us to reach out. Jo is no stranger to tragedy, but has not let her personal losses deter her desire to help others. The Patriot’s Day Memorial Breakfast is Jo’s gift to our community. REMEMBER – HONOR – SUPPORT.

These fine examples of hard work, generosity and community leadership are an inspiration to us all, especially at this time of year. Join your fellow citizens to reach out — find your passion and share it. Help bring the community together to do good, and have a good time doing it. duPont REGISTRY Luxury Living AND GIVING Tampa Bay.

By: Tom duPont

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